Monday, 10 November 2014

Coded UI Course Contents

C#.NET Fundamentals
      Data types, Operators, Arrays, If-Else, Loops, Class, Object, Access Specifiers
      Properties, Constructors, Static, Methods
      Partial Class, OOPs features, Method overloading and overriding
      Features helpful in CodedUI

Coded UI Test tool Features

Coded UI Test Building

Record and PlayBack

UIMAP and Understanding Generated Code

UIMAP Editor - to customize Generated code

UIMAP Class vs UIMAP Designer vs UIMAP XML

UIMAP Control Properties and Search Configurations

Pros and Cons of using UIMAP

Data Driven Automation - using CSV

Assertions for Verifying Results

Synchronization using WAIT statements

Playback Settings

Cross Browser Automation testing using Selenium plugin - on IE, Firefox, Chrome

Descriptive Programming
        Coded UI Automation without using UIMAP
        Search Properties and Search Configuration
        Using Assertions in Descriptive Programming

Advanced Training
       Coded UI with SpecFlow
       Coded UI Framework Creation
               - For Web Applications
               - For Windows Applications

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